Tuesday, June 7, 2011

ned finklestein

meet ned finklestein! neddy is my nerdy happy little water buffalo friend.  he knows he's a nerd but wouldn't rather have it any other way. no one is happier than ned finklestein being the nerdy waterbuffalo that he is. forget the whole brains thang, neddy could teach you a lot about life.  like how to balance a stack of books on your head.
international bully's mark.
neddy's handy dandy pocket protector
best friends forever!

ned finklestein is one of my favorites at the moment. ned is a customized kracka (kidrobot).  i love everything about him and did my best to include a ton of fun little details. the details are what make him (and anything.) i painted him far too many times and no matter what i did, mr. finklestein looked like a swedish clog dancer lady or something (but i might have to intentionally make one in the future...) i finally got to the perfect colors and fell in love. the books on his head were originally meant to be an accessory by his side.  once i placed them on his head instead, i knew ned finklestein was complete. AND SO ned finklestein was born!


  1. this is unbelievably good!!!! when are you going to come out with your own line of toys!?!?!? needs to be done

  2. thanks! haha. i wish! i would love to have a series of these little guys. i am just going to keep on making them. they make me so giddy

  3. Hey KC

    my nickname is Waterbuffalo, if you ever get round to doing one that plays cricket......would love to see it !!