Monday, June 13, 2011

capt'n snips

meet capt'n snips! yarg. capt'n snips is the coolest capt'n 'round.  i made and fell in love with him back in april so i could enter him in the munnyworld megacontest.  long after making garth and banjo, i was staring at the shape of a bub DIY figure, and perfectly visualized transforming it into a little hermit crab. i'm pretty surprised at how well it came out and how close it is to my initial vision. i just love using the munnyworld platforms in fun and different ways to the point where you can't quite tell what the original shape was. the fun part is then looking for that shape as it was originally intended.

my favorite part about capt'n snips is his paper pirate hat.

my second favorite part about capt'n snips is his claw. when i had made my snail, garth, i used the munny figure's arms to build on to create his eyes. (see here!) i thought it was a cool way to still make use of the arms, but once completed, you would never know they were the arms.  what i love about my hermit crab friend is that i was able to use his arms, as arms, just placed in a different location than intended. they still have the shape of the figure's arms/hands, just with little additions to make them look more like claws. i love his big claw.

don't forget to check out the winners from the munnyworld megacontest! capt'n snips didn't win, but my two other little darlings did. my excitement hasn't died down yet, so i'm still allowed to gloat.

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