Monday, June 6, 2011

a biting chance

The Autumn Society ( & Lunar Boy Gallery ( join forces to bring you "THIS IS OUR TIME NOW" (A GOONIES ART SHOW), an exclusive Goonies art show in Astoria, Oregon (where the movie was filmed!)

 fantastic! another goonies themed show, who doesn't love that? just like everything else lately, i didn't have much time to make a piece for this, but. i had to participate in this seeing as it's in astoria (how cool!) i decided to do a simple little 3-D painting of data falling thanks to one of the many booby traps. love those little chatter teeth. i must say every time i do a new piece in 3-D, i love the look of it even more.  here are the layers for this one: 

data falling with his teeth and the spikes on glass raised 1/4 inch above the "cave" background with more spikes. i did my best getting a photo, but it's tough with these layered pieces. you'll just have to go to astoria and check it out for yourself.

i wish i could've head out to astoria for the show, but the whole "real life" thing gets in the way of cool things like that. but here is the info for the show, which opened this saturday:

 June 4 @ 5-8PM
Lunar Boy Gallery
240 11th Street
Astoria, Oregon 97103
The show will be featured in 2 events, the first on June 4th (5pm-8pm) as the main premiere, and the second will be featured as part of the ASTORIA ART WALK, which will be on June 11th (5-9 pm). The entire show will run through June 24th.

Every year the first week of June is Goonies Week in Astoria, Oregon. This year Chogrin of the Autumn Society artist collective has curated our annual tribute show to this cult classic filmed in our quirky little burg 26 years ago.

This show will be up for Wine and Art Walk, Saturday June 11th 5- 9 PM ..... downtown Astoria.

check out all the pieces from the show HERE!  what the nice people at lunar boy gallery said about my data painting:  "This piece also ROCKS!! It might be difficult to grasp the layers of glass and paint ... but take it from us ... the effect is outstanding!" 

....i told you it looks better in person!

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