Wednesday, June 22, 2011

cheese biscuit (and grater)

my darling cheese biscuit! this is cheese biscuit the racing giraffe and grater the rat jockey.  i made my dynamic due during the munnyworld megacontest, where i was caught off guard yet extremely ecstatic when cheese biscuit won for best raffy!! for those of you who don't know, this is a raffy (a kidrobot blank do-it-yourself figure.) i was chosen by musician erykah badu. (technically, i don't know who she is.... but i know she's famous, so i'm going to pretend to  demand bragging rights.)

i knew the moment i saw the raffy platform when it initially came out that i wanted to make a giraffe out of it. with a long tall neck and long tall legs. the shape was obviously influenced by the mighty giraffe, and i hate to do the obvious. but i thought i could really do something great with it, and i am happy i did. the fun part was trying to make him stand on his own, considering he was unbelievably top heavy.

when i finished making cheese biscuit, i had to make his little side kick, grater. i knew i wanted a small little kritter on his back, and i knew i wanted him to be a jockey. a rat just seemed to fit too well. i wanted him to look playful and/or crazed, and i'm pretty excited about the turnout of his pose.

i love to see and show the process of my pieces, so here's a tid bit of pre-paint and mid-paint.

i'm still beyond excited about the munnyworld contest win (x2!) i'm so honored and grateful for the recognition of my hour upon hour of hard work. not to mention i have an unhealthy obsession and attachment to my figures so the fact that people like them is the greatest feeling in the world.

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