Thursday, June 9, 2011

the 3B show !

i flew out to california for the opening of the 3b show at gallery 1988 venice. with beetlejuice as one of my all time favorite movies, i may have been more psyched for this than any other show i've participated in. the night of the show was fun times with friends, family, a ton of awesome geeky fans (i include myself), and two deloreans! after being interviewed by the voice of marty from the back to the future video game (you can see the video here), i got behind the delorean's driver's seat and instantly turned into a mega-nerd. i sat inside, pressing awesome working buttons while continuous flashes went off for tons of photos and way too much happiness filled my insides. it was just flat out fun. before i was reluctantly and sadly forced to leave early thanks to a dreadful, horrible, life-ruining stomach virus, i enjoyed everyone's pieces in person (always a better experience), fell in love with many pieces, met some of the other talented artists, and had a lovely time. i also got lots of nice comments about my work which always makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.  huge, huge thanks to gallery 1988 and chogrin for putting on and having me participate in another amazing show! .... and even bigger thanks to my sisters for taking care of me when i was literally on my deathbed while ruining their (our) short trip to california.

more photos after the jump!!

delorean! x2?!?

inside the delorean, with working buttons! may 5, 2011!

curator chogrin's fantastic pieces (third column from left). i've had my eye on his beetlejuice piece for weeks. i may need to get a hold of a print one of these days.

another favorite of mine, paul palcko's beautiful painting of lydia from beetlejuice

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