Friday, June 10, 2011

cupcakes galore!

i haven't shown my latest delicious edible creations, so here they are! some are improvised, some are made up, some are from books. "hello, cupcake" (and "what's new, cupcake") is my bible.

 i made these for a surfer beachy friend. with crushed graham cracker sand and handmade melting candy wafer surfboards (you can tell they're handmade by the wretched shape and lumps), i made up the design for these based on random google image searches and just added little oceany critters for fun.

my easter cupcakes this year! the design is from "hello, cupcake" with some color alterations. crushed oreos for dirt and melting candy wafer bunny feet. i would have liked my grass to be more grassy, but seeing as they were red velvet cupcakes, i needed to use cream cheese icing. and my sister's homemade cream cheese icing was like liquid and didn't quite grasp the shape as much as i would have liked. but they are still cute!

 yo gabba gabba cupcakes and smash cake! i have no idea what yo gabba gabba is, and maybe they would have come out better if i did, but i think they are still cute and fun.

pretty butterfly cupcakes made from melting candy wafers for my co-workers! the design is from "hello, cupcake" and when i made my second back for my second group of co-workers, i switched up the colors and made pretty pink ones.

and today's last cake is a dinosaur cake for a friend's birthday!  we share the same favorite dinosaur, so i couldn't help but make a cute parasaurolophus cake. best dinosaur ever.

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