Wednesday, January 12, 2011

affection connection

another commission from christmas time! this was by far my favorite commission to do for the holidays, not only because dark and romantic is my favorite type of artwork, but also because of the amount of freedom i had to design and paint it. the girlfriend wanted a painting of her and her boyfriend expressing dark, dramatic love, intensity, sexual attraction.  she listed a bunch of previous pieces of mine that she liked, so basically i took elements from them and made up a new, personalized piece. she left me with no restrictions, and in her words, whatever you "see", make, which is what i did. i had a few drafts, but felt they were too abstract and even more so, too impersonal. i ended up using the first draft as my first painting of 2011, so keep a look out for it in the near future.

the other reason i enjoyed this project, was the boyfriend was fully unaware of the romantic painting present. she asked me to wrap the painting so that come christmas morning, they could open the present together.  even though she knew it was coming, it became a surprise for the both of them. i thought that was a cute and pretty awesome idea to be able to share that moment together. i was happy to be a part of their special holiday. i'm a sucker for this kind of stuff. it's the one and only time i become girly.

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