Thursday, January 6, 2011


the autumn society's PLAYTIME show at brave new worlds!

my pieces, plus other awesome ones

timmy's lego piece, and peter wonsowski's awesome piece to the top right

 timmy's second lego piece, plus lots of other funsies

i dropped by this week to pick up my playtime pieces, and to my delightful surprise, my NES zapper sold! woohoo! "playtime" was the autumn society's first charity show, and took place the month of december.  by selling a piece, we were able to donate some cash money to the toys for tots charity:
Our artists have individually selected 25%, 50% or 100% of their artwork sales to go to the Toys for Tots national charity. Brave New Worlds Comics will be generously donating 100% of their standard commission

in addition to the donations, there was a toy bin at the shop for toy donations to also send to toys for tots. from what i've heard the toy bin was a success and there seemed to have been a bunch of pieces sold.

the guy in brave new worlds (tim ran in the shop to grab our pieces, so i'm not sure who he talked to) said that a girl was debating whether to get my puff painting or the NES zapper. i'm pretty thrilled that someone was considering buying puff because as much as i'd love to hang him on my wall, it would be exciting to find someone who loves him as much as i do, enough to buy a painting of it! but i must admit i'm pretty relieved she bought the zapper. so up on my wall he goes! i may be wrong, but i feel like most guyish fan-art sells better than girly stuff. that's part of the reason i chose to paint the zapper over something super girly that i loved as a child. i just find it funny that a girl ended up buying it. if you haven't yet and want to read about my pieces and why i chose each one, visit my previous posts here.

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  1. finally! now i know who did those Lego pieces. they are AWESOME!