Monday, January 17, 2011

home sweet home

here we have the result of a violent attack of an innocent snail, by mcmousy. mcmousy just needed a place to sleep at night and keep dry from the rain. poor snail.  this was a quick little painting, about 11"x11" on wood.  you can tell it was quick, based on the overall poor planning of character design (and by poor planning, i mean non-existant.) there is a circular indent the exact size of the snail shell, which i thought might possibly make the snail head and tail pop out a bit.  even though i don't think it makes the snail necessary "pop," i still think it looks kind of cool with the indent.

LAST CHANCE! this is your last chance to see my kaotic kritter show at the red horse gallery!! ending on january 21 (that's friday!), you have only this week left to check it out. freehold raceway mall. upper level, next to sears. hours: mon-fri 10am- 4:30pm. go now, before it's too late!!   i'll post some photos of the show in the next week or two for all you lazy (or employed...) people who couldn't make it.  mega thanks to vsa arts of nj and arc resources unlimited (a program of the arc of monmouth) for having me again in their nice, splendid gallery.

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