Thursday, January 27, 2011


who's snowed in and bored?! well even if you're not, it's time to play my games and win some free artwork. woooo.

as mentioned previously, i filled a sketchbook with a ton of characters as 1EG'S. i'll tell you more about that later, since i want to get to the point of this post immediately.... i thought it would be fun to host a contest for some free art! let's see how many of you are willing to devote some time to win awesome free art. yeah, i'm calling my art awesome. so follow this link to see 80+ images of my 1EG's. 

HERE'S THE CONTEST! name each character by name, #1-88 and email answers to . i will randomly pick one submission out of a hat for a FREE PAINTING of his or her favorite character from the contest ! AND! no matter what, anyone who submits (and answers all correctly) gets a free sketch of their favorite character. everyone wins!

but pay attention to the rules:

  • each character is numbered.  below each photo are 2-4 numbers (depending on how many characters per page).  every number must have an answer.
  • to win a painting: you must name every single character BY NAME in order to win the painting.  if you know what they are from, but don't know their name, figure it out! (except #83, because i don't know her name)
  • to win a sketch: you must name every single character by name OR what they are from
  • everyone gets ONE free hint. meaning, if you need help, you can ask for one hint while remaining eligible to win a painting. TWO or MORE hints eliminates you from a free painting, but you can still win a free sketch (that means you can ask for as many hints as needed).  email for hints.
  • entries must be received by february 14 (that's over two weeks!)

START THE GAME NOW! browse through photos in this flickr set, and see characters #1-88 by following this link

email all entries to kctararuj@gmail by february 14 to win.  entries should include answers for #1 - 88, your name..... and feel free to include any characters you'd like to see in the future.


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