Monday, January 10, 2011

blue storm

happy day! this weekend was the "hello my name is art show" at the bdc in asbury. there was some awesome artwork, very cool people, and funsies all around. tim and i each sold a painting, which is always exciting. but more on the actual show later.  this is a painting i did many months ago. i had bigger plans for it, and intended on adding some finishing touches, but it has just been sitting on the ground for months untouched. i was told not to add any more to it, and considering i don't even remember what i wanted to add, i declared it finished. this was one of 6 pieces i had in "the hello my name is" show, where i got comments from several people saying they like it and are happy i left it as is. and so am i.

plus! i finished my very first painting of 2011 last night! it's not the greatest piece in the world, but i'm sure the more i look at it, the more i'll fall in love with it. as usual.

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