Monday, January 31, 2011

so many cupcakes!

so i really want to post some new artwork because i have a whole bunch just dying to become internet sensations, but after a lazy sunday, it's now nearly 2 am and i need to get to bed in order to prepare for a long, long...long week ahead of me. which means i don't have time to sort through dozens of photos and edit them.  i guess i shouldn't have spent the last 2 1/2 hours watching the shining...
so instead, i just have to show off the awesome cupcakes i made in the past week or two. i've been flaunting my cupcakes and even though these specific ones aren't my ideas or designs, i'm still excited to share them.

tim gave me some cupcake books for christmas, which was a fantastic surprise and a wonderful idea on his part.  i've only done 3 designs from the books, but i'm unbelievably anxious to do more, and i'm even more anxious to rack up the skills to make up my own. the recipes and designing tips for the following cupcakes can be found in the two books, "hello, cupcake" and "what's new, cupcake?"

chinese food cupcakes!

i'm not a huge fan of chinese food, but these were one of my favorites in the "what's new, cupcake" book. i was highly impressed with how clever and realistic they looked in the photo and couldn't wait to try it out myself. my sister loves chinese food, so i decided to make these for her 26th birthday. we even had real chinese food the night of her birthday before feasting on these tasty treats. so isn't that fun. i pretty much copied every step from the book, but i made some of my own choices that worked out surprisingly well.  i wanted to put the cupcakes in real chinese food containers, as suggested in the book, but unfortunately i couldn't find any (in the one single store i looked..)  luckily for me, i found these little white papers that were in the valentine's section in pinks, reds, and whites, and thought they resembled the containers. personally, i think they are perfect and maybe even better since they fit the cupcakes so snug. i also came up with the idea for the mini chop sticks by using toothpicks with the ends cut off.  pretty adorable, so i'm going to pretend that i'm a genius for thinking of that...and that i'm the only one to ever think of it.

golf course cupcakes!

 that same day i made the chinese food, i also made this golf course, also from the "what's new, cupcake" book. i had originally planned on making the golf cupcakes for my dad's birthday later that week, but my mom had asked me to make them for someone at work.  i took on the challenge with excitement and enthusiasm because that just meant i got to try a third design from my cupcake books! hot dog! the golf course was simple and easy and turned out pretty neat. the only problems i had were the flag (made of a fruit roll up) didn't stand proud, it just kind of sagged down. also, the method for making the golf balls wasn't working for me, so i was forced to improvise by using icing instead of corn syrup to stick the little white nonpareils to a gumball. such a cool idea for a more realistic looking golfball.

last are my spaghetti and meatball cupcakes!

these spaghetti cupcakes are the first ones i tried from the "hello, cupcake" book. they are possibly the easiest cupcakes to ever make. it really doesn't get much more simple than this. i decorated these in maybe about 10 minutes, 15 minutes tops, for my dad's birthday on saturday. i don't feel that the pictures do them justice (since i kind of suck at taking pictures), but i think they look phenomenal in person. the meatballs look so real. these people are geniuses, i swear. i didn't really care for the taste, since i'm not a fan of jellies. i prefer my cupcakes to be simple: vanilla on vanilla, but who cares when they look so awesome? my favorite part is the grated "cheese" (or white chocolate) sprinkled all on top.  my only issue with my personal outcome is i made the meatballs far too organized, like perfect rows of meatballs, instead of randomly scattered in the pasta as it should have been. but otherwise i'm happy.

who wants to see more?! i have some football and valentine's cupcakes coming soon...

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