Friday, January 7, 2011

puppy kritters

some more kaotic kritter puppy commissions from this holiday season.

meet jack the jack russell/pug mix and tatum the mutt

 next meet roxanne the little dachshund, flapjack the boxer/beagle mix, and zelda, the chubby long-haired dachshund

i'm pretty sure these two paintings were the last paintings done (i worked on them at the same time) in the year 2010. i don't know why that means anything, but i felt the need to point that out. but don't worry i have an even better piece (non-painting) that was my official last piece of the year, to be posted in the near future.

these were fun ones because they were a bit larger in size than i normally do for kritters.  they were each 18"x24".  i definitely love working on a bigger scale, something i really wish i could be doing more frequently. so that will be my goal, to make larger pieces this year. i have a whole bunch of plans for new projects this year, and i'm really excited to test them out. some are revisiting past projects, some are reworking past projects, and others are brand new. they are definitely all experiements, but i really hope to find something great through it.

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