Thursday, January 20, 2011

day of acceptance

i'm feeling good! yesterday i accomplished a whole lot, which meant tons of break-less hours, continuous movies, a hungry belly, and indescribable back pain...and lots of finished artwork!

today is the international day of acceptance! january 20, 2011 to honor the late annie hopkins, founder of 3e love and creator of the international symbol of acceptance. to celebrate her message of social acceptance of disability. 3e love is a social advocacy entrepreneurial experiment, learn more at embrace diversity, educate your community, empower each other, love life.  wear your heart on your sleeve on 1/20/11. today. wear 3e love tattoos or apparel to spread annie's message.

As you know, today is January 20th, the International Day of Acceptance. Today thousands of people are "wearing their heart on their sleeve" all over the world. Hundreds of thousands of people will see the International Symbol of Acceptance today, take a second look, then think to themselves, start a conversation with a friend or stranger, and look at the traditional symbol representing "disability" in a new way.

today i'll be wearing my 3e love hoodie, and as usual, i have my tattoo of the lovely symbol on my wrist. unfortunately, i more than likely won't leave the house since i'll be painting all day, but that's why i have my happy little blog to spread the word. i know i've posted previously about 3e love, but it is a disability awareness clothing line and marketing company founded in 2007 by annie and stevie hopkins, their family and friends.  the company's mission is to create and bring to market products and services that embrace life no matter the obstacles, and by doing so, educate society and empower those with disabilities to love life. 

i just think that what they do is fantastic and the symbol is perfection, but i'm horrible with words, so it's tough to say how i feel about it. instead of listening to my rambles, i encourage everyone to read more about 3e love at the website:

on a related note, i wanted to follow up about my recent posts full of rants and complaints about wanting accessible seating at arenas/shows, but having to pay extra and/or being separated from my party because of "policy." a few weeks ago, i took tim to see the broadway show wicked in new york.  i was prepared to pay a hundred (more or less?) for seats, but to my delightful surprise, handicap seats were only $26. so while there are some venues who for whatever reason want to punish the disabled, by making them pay more for the only seat they are physically able to sit in, the nice folks at wicked ask for less than half a normal priced  ticket. not to mention, they were pretty great seats. i strongly advice those who are disabled to see wicked. for that cheap, why not? plus it's an amazing show. so take that! 2 points for the handicapped! i wish there was actually someone's face to shove this in, a face to go with the ridiculous policies.

i feel like i should check with other broadway shows to see if any others have the same deals.

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