Wednesday, January 19, 2011

kona toy !

who remembers my sister's pup kona?! i did a kaotic kritter painting of her this past august for my sister's birthday. i love her to death, she is an absolute nutcase and full of never ending kisses. after making my mom a chloe figure for her birthday, nicole has been whining about a kona figure. i made kona as a christmas present and here is the result. i used a munnyworld mini raffy platform and built upon it with clay. whenever i see kona, she always has the same goofy muppet-like facial expression, and i really wanted to show that on the figure.  of course, somehow in every single picture my sister has posted of kona, she is not making that one single goofy face i only ever see her make.  so i did my best to get that face based on the reference photos and memory. 
another fun little problem i ran into is that kona looked different in literally every set of photos i looked through.  meaning the color of her fur has changed throughout her short little life so far, and what was once dark is light, etc. i just kind of winged it hoping it was as close to her current furry status as possible.  for those of you who don't know, when you buy a munny figure, either the original or any munnyworld figure, they each come with a mystery accessory, including lightning bolts, hats, glasses, weapons...and this little swirly that looks like poop. i have so many accessories lying around that i never have any reason to use.  i want to start making random excuses to use them, so i just decided to paint some poop to go with kona. i was amused.

i have one more completed figure, a munnyworld mini bub, coming up soon, whenever i finally get the chance to take some photos... which may or may not be a very zombierific figure.

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