Wednesday, January 26, 2011

the epic journey of the one ring

i wanted to post my free art giveaway contest funsies today, but it is taking me entirely too long to get it all together and organized. so look for it tomorrow...!!!

instead! you get a lord of the rings painting in the funtastic kaotic kritter style. the story of this painting is very pathetic, but here it is. two years ago tim and i designed 2/3 of this painting, i painted that portion and gave it to my sister for her birthday. it is made up of 3 small panels. the third panel (the yellow/green) has been character-less since then, and she has been bugging me for two years to finish it.  i don't know why i just couldn't force myself to finish it. i was just bored of it, it was already out of my mind since her birthday two years ago, and other projects that kept and keep building up on me always took priority. sorry, dl! well monday was her birthday, and since i'm such a good sister, i finally finshed it for her. she was disappointed because it wasn't something new, but i shut her up by giving her a custom pez dispenser of herself (to be posted soon.)

it's a good thing i waited so long to finish, because i touched up and made additions to the first two panels that definitely enhanced it.

 ta-da!  i really want to watch lord of the rings now... it's been too long

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