Tuesday, January 4, 2011

sassy and hershey bear

 some kaotic kritter puppy commissions from christmas. i especially like the colors of sassy, the golden retriever.  i was told sassy was a very playful and loving dog who never barked. the name sassy makes me giddy because it sparks my memory of the movie homeward bound, even though sassy was the lame cat. dogs rule, cats drool.

 i also made hershey bear, the cocker spaniel. hershey bear loved coffee and snow, so i tried to give a snowy feel to the background, without actually making it look like a winter scene. i don't look at it and think snow, but since i know hershey bear loves snow, it's the perfect background to me. and so i hope it's new owner think so too.

more puppies on the way! when i told my dentist was doing lots of commissions for christmas, i mentioned a lot of them were pets. he said, "what is with people and their pets?" and then he stuck a bunch of giant, painful needles in my mouth, leaving my face and ear completely numb for the rest of the day. but it is true, people are obsessed. i can't wait to have my own dog (and only mine) so i can be crazy, too.

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