Friday, January 28, 2011

dl pez

custom pez ! after seeing me make so many figures and customs for tim, of tim, my sister has bugged me about making something of her. her biggest life-long fantasy came true on her 26th birthday when i gave this custom pez dispenser with her own head on it! completed with her signature short spikey hair, huge smile, and big gangly earring. is gangly a word? i don't care.

i poked teeny tiny holes in the ears before the clay dried so i could stick through the earrings, made of thin wire, once her head was fully painted.  i used an iron man pez to build off of, hence her too-long-of-a-face. but overall it's a fun depiction of my dear sister. love!

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  1. Kasey...Jesus christmas this is amazing. I love Pez and collecting the Pez dispensers! Please keep me up-to-date if you're going to be doing more of these...I would love to see them!