Friday, January 14, 2011

pteetering pterodactyl and tenacious tylosaurus

i dropped off a few more pieces for my show at the red horse gallery after some pieces sold. including these two awesome dinosaurs that i made back in the day when tim was still helping me design. my favorite part about the dinosaur kritters is they were each painted on wood. i kind of love the texture of wood paintings. i have some dinosaur paintings coming in the future, though not in the kaotic kritter style.  we all know how much i love dinosaurs, so obviously i'm pretty psyched for them. 

don't forget, there is still more time to see the show at freehold mall until january 21 ! mon- fri 10am- 4:30pm, i know there's got to be some unemployed bums out there who have nothing better to do than support my addiction.... maybe?

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