Friday, January 21, 2011

who wants free stuff?

i recently filled up an entire sketchbook with these drawings, every page with a different character (a project i'll talk and post about once i get all my files organized.) i spent many hours addicted to filling this book, while having fun deciding which characters (mostly women) to draw and asking my fellow facebook mates for female character suggestions.  if you didn't get a chance to give me some suggestions, feel free to send as many as you want because i am going to start a new sketchbook to keep up this addiction whenever i have a few spare moments. 

now pay attention! out of curiosity, say i had about 80+ characters drawn up, in the 1EG style (as in the sketch above)... is there anyone who would be interested going through every sketch and identifying each character by name/story? for those of you who aimlessly browse the web or channel surf or are just flat out bored, i think you should take this as an opportunity to waste some time...while amusing and entertaining me. i'm thinking anyone who can name every single character, by name or where they're from, will be entered into a random drawing for a free painting of their favorite one. and to not waste anyone's time, everyone entered will no matter what get a free sketch. come on, who doesn't love free? i know i love free. for now, let it be known that you love free!

the games will begin soon.