Friday, February 18, 2011

contest WINNER!

contest winner announcement time! first off, i have to be honest, i was delightfully surprised at how many people actually played my game since i know it was a little overwhelming how many characters there were. what i was even more impressed by were some of your answers. i was willing to accept somehat vague answers, as long as you prove to know who they are (meaning nick names, etc) but some of you gave such descriptive, accurate answers, and full names of the characters that even i didn't previously know. ha! some even researched. bravo. you've made me a giddy little lady. it was a pleasure looking through everyone's answers, seeing who knows which characters (and then judging your level of coolness based on which ones you know!) clearly, you are at the top of the coolness charts if you knew all of them, especially my two personal favorites (which seemed to be the toughest):

martian girl from mars attacks!

and gozer from ghostbusters

now for what we've all been waiting for. i did the old school pick a name out of a hat.. who gets an original 1EG painting of their favorite character from the contest??!?!?! the winner is........

chris arcari!

congrats! email me at with your address and which character you want, and i will send you 8"x10" painting free of charge. 

as for the rest of you who played:  i want to give my thanks just for trying! anyone who tried, email me at with your address and which character you want, and i will send you a free sketch, of the highest quality of course.

EVERYONE WINS! except me because now i have all these paintings and sketches to do.. for free.. who's idea was this anyway?  there will be more chances for free crap in the future, once i get started on my 2nd sketchbook full of brand new characters that will be even more difficult to figure out! :)

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