Tuesday, February 15, 2011

mushy kaotic kritters

more mushy paintings.  these are the 3 kaotic kritter paintings that went along with the mushy 1EG's for the "love on bangs" art show in asbury.  i based them off of pre-existing kritters with a lovey dovey twist. 

 i hope everyone had a lovely valentine's day. i for one, did not. i spent the day dizzy and sick at work, followed by a night feeling even worse than the day before. i know i complain a lot, but i usually have a high tolerance for pain and sickness. i can't remember the last time it has lasted so strong for this long. i swear, i have had probably every symptom you could possibly have when sick, except maybe vomitting (knock on wood.) i just can't seem to get any better at all. i'm going to die.

back on a happy valentiney note, i got my very first valentine from a student at work! sure it was hanah montana, which kind of ruined it, but i was overjoyed when a little girl gave it to me. i will keep it forever. it says, "to ms. kasey."  the kids call me ms. t usually, but either title is just the cutest thing to hear ever. AND i did get to watch my movie, valentine, finally! unforunately, i was only half conscious the whole time and coudn't enjoy it at all.. but i finally watched it damnit, which is a step closer to my valentine's dream. maybe next year i'll be able to actually enjoy it.

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