Monday, February 14, 2011

mushy 1EG's!

happy valentine's day! love love love! here are 3 of the 6 "mushy" pieces i did for the "little bit of love on bangs" art show at the bdc in asbury park!

while i couldn't care less about valentine's day, i still like to pretend i celebrate it, as i do with many other holidays. seeing as i'm a sucker for mushy romantic crap, you'd think i'd be all about it. valentine's isn't cool anymore. my favorite part used to be picking out adorable little valentine's cards to pass out to my classmates in school. it would have been even better if it were like in the movies, where you give them to the boy you "like" and hope for them from the girl you "like".  

to celebrate valentine's day this year, i am going to continue drowning myself with pills and drugs to get rid of this nasty cold, make valentine's cupcakes after work (where i will hopefully have somewhat of a voice back and overcome my nonstop dizziness from the past few days), and most importantly, watch the horror movie valentine because who wouldn't want to see some ficticious murder on such a glorious day? oh, and i might hang out with tim for about ten minutes before i go to bed early.

i remember complaining last year about this stupid movie, valentine.  here's the story: two years ago, i wanted to watch it on valentine's day, so we went on a hunt at the movie store with no luck (probably because it's a crappy movie.) last year, i purchased it in advance from a used dvd store, saved it for months and months, and the night of february 14th, we were all ready to watch it, opened the dvd box and it was empty! my heart was crushed, and it was the worst valentine's disappointment of all time. i found it again, bought it (with the actual dvd inside this time) and i am prepared to watch it tonight and enjoy the hell out of it. i've been waiting 2+ years to watch this movie..who wants to bet that i fall asleep halfway through? .....stupid valentine's day.

(don't forget, today's the LAST day to play my game/contest and win free art! )

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