Tuesday, February 22, 2011

you can walk!

i really wonder what goes through people's minds sometimes. i know better than anyone that people get awkward. i'm beyond awkward and i've said some really stupid things countless times before.. but my problem with dumb comments is mostly tone. (i don't think i have any control over the tone of my voice. some may call me "insensitive"....) but i feel like i've come across some beyond overboard stupid comments. a few days ago, a perfect example, even the principal at the school i work at was shocked and commented on how inappropriate a man's comment was. don't worry, i assured him that i get comments like this all the time.

i forget the exact words, but it was along the lines of "you can walk" followed by "i know you're just faking it" with a smile on his face. sure it wasn't meant to be cruel or vicious, but just a joke (or something?) out of awkwardness... or stupidity. the guy said it as he gave me a really awesome light up pen (after the laser light show assembly where i got to watch some fun kung fu panda, spiderman, wolverine, jack skellington, etc laser images while the song "thriller" blasted! best day ever.) the guy said it almost as if by giving me this amazing pen, i was healed and could magically walk! i have no idea where his head was. luckily, most of the comments i get aren't as direct and flat out stupid as this one (though they are close enough.) i'm never offended nor do i care, if anything i find it humorous and love to share my awkward people stories. "is that what you use to get attention?" was one of my favorites. clearly, in my grand scheme of being the world's center of attention, spending a couple grand on a pretty purple wheelchair so i could fake a disability was at the top of my list. then there was that kid in high school, some random kid, who asked, "are you, like, a cripple?" but that one is easily forgiven since we all know how dumb high school boys are. there are so many great stories and comments i'd love to share, just because of how how funny they are, or how completely baffled i am, but i always seem to forget them... hence this fancy little post's ultimate purpose in life!

"you can walk!" ...really?