Thursday, February 24, 2011

love is in the ARRR!

after visiting my favorite californian cousin on the west coast last april, i promised her a painting. she wanted a romantic moon-lit pirate ship, maybe with some palm trees. of course like everything else i try to do, it has been pushed back further and further on my to-do list and every time she'd come back to jersey, i would fail as a cousin and have no painting for her. we finally agreed on a deadline, and since love stinks, she wanted it for valentine's day so she'd have a pretty present to open.  it was a few days late, but i got it to her for valentine's week! complete with a pirate style love poem, written by me specially for capt'n cindy: 

roses are red.
violets are blue.
sugar is sweet.
and so ARRR you!

i'm a poet.

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