Tuesday, February 8, 2011

hello my name is !

this past saturday was the "little bit of love on bangs" art show at the bdc in asbury park! i was highly impressed by a lot of the artwork and stoked to have the chance to be a part of it.  i figure what better way to celebrate than by (finally) posting photos from the last (and first) show i participated in with them in january, the"hello my name is" art show!

my six pieces along the wall! the show had a great turn out, and i happily got some good feedback from people at the show. some crazy girl put a deposit down on my "in tatters" painting, but she ended up flaking out because...she was crazy. no big deal, i'm always secretly relieved when my art doesn't sell. i have this unbreakable bond with each and every piece and i become torn when something sells. (but i'd rather have my soul crushed and sell it, since i want everyone everywhere enjoy my pride and joys!)

the artwork on the right are some of rich falkiewicz's pieces, who curated and allowed me to participate in this fine show. his pieces were actually my favorite in the show. he has a really fantastic style, which you'll see again later in photos from the "love on bangs" show.  

there are timmy's 4 pieces on the right. his lego man sold! congrats to you, tym!

and a few more photos of the show. ta-da!  fun show. fun times. thanks to rich, tom, nick, etc at the bdc! photos from the valentine's show coming soon! (soon meaning eventually.)

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