Thursday, February 3, 2011

that's okay

don't forget about my contest. here are two sketches from the contest that i love. i can't tell you who they are since that's the point of the game, but if you don't know who either of them are, then shame on you! enter my free art giveaway contest by checking my post for info and rules. win a free painting or sketch. contest ends february 14 !

yesterday was my second day of work, and i felt tremendously better physically and mentally. only for one reason: it's amazing what a difference it makes when you get a normal amount of sleep. yesterday was also my first encounter with a student to ask me why i'm in a wheelchair (directly, at least.) it's never a shock for children to ask me what's wrong with me, i've gotten it plenty of times before. kids are curious and don't hold back. working in an elementary school, i was curious how long it would take for the kids to start asking. apparently less than 2 days. she was a cute, friendly, very outgoing girl, unfortunately with some anxiety issues, and we share the same favorite color! we were alone in the office together when she sat down next to me and asked what happened. i told her i hurt myself so i can't walk, and she told me in an upbeat tone, "that's okay." she shrugged it off and then told me it gets tiring to be on your feet all the time, anyway. freaking adorable. "that's okay," as if she legitimately felt that it was okay and really didn't matter. it sounded like way too mature of a response for a 5th grader. her choice of words combined with her tone. but then again, i really don't have much experience with kids, so what do i know? so damn cute.

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