Wednesday, February 23, 2011

karaoke for the cause

agony! can someone please find a cure for the headache behind my eyes? a cure other than sleep? i lost a lot of valuable art-making time thanks to my what felt like forever sickness, which has thankfully died down a lot.. but there is still way too much flowing out of my nose. gross. now i'm pressed for time finishing up pieces for an auction with vsa, including some wood burnings that i'm trying out. i might be in love with this new technique, which can only mean i'll have that wood-burning smell year round instead of only during the chilly winters! what a beautiful thing.

i'd rather be posting new work, but before i forget, i was asked to donate artwork to the teal wings of hope foundation "karaoke for the cause" silent auction.  teal wings of hope foundation is there to raise awareness of ovarian cancer through education, and provide support for patients, families, friends, and caregivers that deal with the disease while trying to make life easier for people affected by it. they do things such as arrange transportation to chemotherapy, pay for meds, help pay car insurance so patients can drive to medical appointments. i would have liked to create new work for this, but my lack of time and ridiculous abundance of unappreciated artwork hiding away in every square inch of my house cause me to donate pre-existing paintings. a one-eyed girl "floral footprint"(at top), and (the original!) kaotic kritter "gunther" (below).

i wasn't there, but i heard the event went well. i hope whoever was ever so lucky to get my paintings enjoy them.

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