Thursday, February 17, 2011

mutant of absorption

back in december, for paper doll romance's christmas giveaway, you might remember i donated a painting of a one-eyed girl for them to give as one of their prizes. the winner got to choose which character she wanted, and though i would've been happy to paint anyone, it does get tiresome to paint the same thing more than once.  it's something i try to avoid, but i am willing to do so as long as i can switch it up a bit and make some changes to make it unique. i was more than happy with the winner's decision for a rogue painting! i was eager to paint someone i hadn't painted before, and rogue was a very fun choice. i took this as an opportunity to play around with some techniques for painting the background. it ended up looking pretty typical (but still pretty, if i do say so myself) but it was a good little practice session.

and tomorrow, i'll be announcing the winner of my fun little game of naming 88 1EG's! be sure to find out tomorrow if YOU won, and you could win a painting as awesome as this!

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