Wednesday, February 16, 2011

valentine's and packers

i guess this week is valentine's week here on my blog.  today is my second day home from work sick, but i'm starting to feel a little better. thank the gods above! i tried so hard to fight off the sickness by keeping up my painting duties (mostly because i didn't have a choice.) and even though on monday, i felt absolutely horrible, i forced myself to decorate these adorable little cupcakes. i justified my stupidity with the argument that if i could sit through a whole day of work, i could make these. probably not the greatest judgement on my part, but i had been looking forward to making these on valentine's day for weeks, and i wasn't about to just shove them off because of a little sickness (okay, a big sickness.) sure, no one is going to want to eat my infected, germ infested, diseased cupcakes, but everyone can still admire how cute they look!

this idea came from the book, "hello, cupcake."  16 mini cupcakes placed in a heart-shaped candy box, decorated like chocolates and candies. i didn't even know valentine's candy corn existed until i made this. these were definitely fun and very easy to make, despite my head spinning the entire time.  my favorite part, of course, was making the "chocolates," which were cut up marshmallows dipped in and decorated with icing.  fun fact: i did not know how to spell marshmallows until about 30 seconds ago when blogger's spellcheck corrected me.... i spent 24 years thinking it was marshmellows.. my whole life has been a lie.

next up, i made cupcakes for the superbowl! i was rooting for the packers, since my darling boyfriend is one of those weirdos who have undying devotion to a team they have no connection to whatsover.  i'm talking about those people who get legitimately angry when things go wrong to the point where it ruins his entire day, and also refers to it as "his" team as if he had any part in it: "we did it!"

i mostly just wanted to make the little football cupakes, but added the green bay symbol thingy and some chunks of cheese for fun. the footballs were an idea i found on the "hello, cupcake" newsletter, where they share a different cupcake design every month. each football was made from a snickers and tootsie rolls dipped in and decorated with icing. they looked and tasted yummy

very happy the packers won because that made tim very happy. so happy in fact, that i strongly suggest you watch this pleasant little video that our friend tom recorded of tim's  reaction when the packers won....

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