Monday, February 7, 2011


happy monday! here is a super delayed thank you to everyone who came to my kaotic kritter show at the redhorse gallery in freehold mall: thank you! here are some photos incase you missed it! which is most of you. (tisk tisk.) i always love to show there, and it was a nice and quiet show. the night of the opening, i sold 3 paintings. the show recently ended and was taken down, with a total of 7 sold paintings... including my baby sugartooth. i miss him already, my life feels so empty without him. sugartooth is my panda, who is easily my favorite kritter of all time. don't get me wrong, i'm beyond psyched that someone else loved him as much as i do, enough to buy him. but he will be missed.

the best part about the opening was the girl scout troop who were checking out my work.  this is my favorite picture because she's pointing at the love of my life, sugartooh. the girls were cute. they went around and each picked their 2 favorite kritters. it was fun for me to hear which ones they liked most. being a girl scout rocks. i miss those days. seriously,  girl scouts do the coolest activities and events ever. my mom was my troop leader, obviously making her the raddest troop leader ever. i wish i was still in girl scouts so i could have slumber parties at the philadelphia zoo and liberty science center, all over again. those were the days.

after some pieces sold, i went back and brought some new ones so it got switched up a bit.  the gallery ladies told me i got some good feedback from wandering shoppers. hope to have more shows with them in the future!

update:  might i also mention, thomas castles from wanted to interview me about the kaotic kritter show.  feel free to read the article here, as long as you promise not to make fun of my cheese-tastic mushy answers.

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