Wednesday, February 2, 2011


here is my very first painting of 2011! finally, my for internet world to see. this is based off of initial sketches i made for affection connection (a previous commission.)  i loved this design, and i thought it needed to be kept simple, maybe even simpler would've been better. the simplicity of this design was entirely too impersonal to be represent specific people, i thought, but i couldn't bare to leave it unused. honestly, i like the sketch better than the final outcome, but of course i still love it (as usual...) i made the process a little more fun by painting it on a bigger scale than normal, 22"x28". i desparately wanted to make it even bigger, but my lack of space denied that. but it's big (ish) and big is fun.  i created the mini circle border and they reminded me of buttons. as in, a button you would push. to fulfill my 30-second-long dream of making my art look like pushy buttons, i filled some of them with sand. maybe i'm the only one to see buttons, but i want to push them all!

and might i add, i am deliriously exhausted from waking up so early today for my first day of work after a pitiful night's sleep. i'm pretty sure this is the first sun-less morning i have woken up to since high school. those of you who know me, know i loves my sleep. i can never get enough (thanks for that, dad..) and it is going to take me some time to adjust to waking up before the sun when i'm so used to going to sleep right before the sun comes up. having said that! i resisted my strong, heavy urges to take a nap and painted an entire little painting today! that's a big deal, for me. it's most important to me that i keep the artistic flow going as strong (or close enough) as it has been. 

(i know all you hardworking people who have had jobs for ages hate me right now.. ha!) 

you can see my sandy buttons closer here. enjoy that

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