Monday, February 28, 2011

dizzy wheelchair bowling?

good day! this is dizzy the giraffe. he's a newbie kaotic kritter, based on the original "atmo" giraffe (five different editions: #1,  #2, #3, #4, and "baby atmo.")  i'm in love with the orange swirlies.  i made dizzy for an upcoming auction with vsa of nj. he's funky. funkay.

i hope everyone had a lovely weekend. i spent my saturday night bowling, where i finally got to use that cool ramp thing that makes it easier to roll your ball down the lane. normally (and by normally, i mean the 2-3 times i've tried bowling in a wheelchair), i'm dragged down by the "light" bowling balls (usually pretty kid's ones) and basically throw my entire body just to have the ball roll painfully slow about 2 feet before finishing the rest of the lane down the gutter. (i've hit a few pins before and got the sweet taste of victory for a few seconds before the next gutter ball.)  so this time i had the fancy ramp thinger, yet of course i still ended up with mostly big fat zeros across the board. i was excited to use it, and they had amazing cheese fries, so life was good. this is what the ramp looks like in the picture.... (but that is not me with the fancy mustache using it.)

come back tomorrow to see my very first woodburning experiment extravaganza!


  1. the giraffe....not the guy with the sweet mullet:) although he's not too bad

  2. hahah thank you! yeah he is quite a man!