Wednesday, February 9, 2011

back to the future art !

who's ready for some awesome back to the future art?! i am! after the autumn society's recent fantastic 3G show at gallery 1988 in los angeles, i was contacted by a pop-art collector, specifically of back to the future. he is clearly a very serious back to the future fan, and after seeing my glorious 3-dimensional 3G pieces (take a look back if you haven't seen them!), this nice fella commissioned me to make some back to the future art in the same 3D style. considering how much i loved working on those pieces and even more how much i loved the outcomes, i jumped on the opportunity to make more. basically, for these, i painted them in layers: the background, and the second layer raised above about an inch on glass. it's really tough to get the true vibe of the painting in these photos. they are infinitely cooler in person.

he gave me a lot of freedom, which is always nice. he basically just stated he is a sucker for anything dealing with the delorean and thought the indian scene would be cool. i rewatched each movie looking for good screenshots with the delorean somewhere in the picture.  as much as i do enjoy the movies, i'm not a fanatic for them and i don't know them all that well, so luckily i had my handy dandy boyfriend help me with little details and suggestions.  i sent over some concepts and sketches and he chose which ones he wanted. and viola! a million years later, i finished.

they were a blast to make, and i can't help but obsess over the 3D look. please check out the individual posts dedicated to each painting, with some info about the painting and photos of each layer to get a better feel for the piece. it is vital that you do so! "1.21 gigawatts" and "hi-ho, silver!"
there are so, so so many more movie scenes that need to be recreated!

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  1. i love this movie... the art work is cool :)